Our metrological laboratory has modern equipment to guarantee a high quality standard, and in particular:

Collection and elaboration of the verify parameters
software Mitutoyo for Quality data management with direct connection of the instrumentation
Relief of the superficial finish
profilometer Mahr Perthometer S4P
profilometer Mitutoyo SJ-301
profilometer Taylor Hobson Surtronic 4+
Relief of the geometrical form errors
roundness Measuring Instrument Mahr Formstester MMQ10                
roundness Measuring Instrument Taylor Hobson Talyrond 30
Verify of the planarity
Millitron instruments

Verify of the superficial Hardness
microhardness testing machine off. Galileo  (Rockwell)
microhardness testing machine Future Tech FM (Vickers)
Imptech equipments for test-tubes  of hardness
Dimensional Verifies
profile projector Microtecnica Anteus A 
profile projector Microtecnica Anteus B  
height measuring instruments Trimos Sylvac